What is a Non-Conformance Report (NCR)?

The NCR Report (Also known as an “Exception” or “Corrective Action” Report) is a tool for:

  • Acknowledging a breach of fatigue rules or procedures by company management (a non-conformance);
  • Notifying a driver of a breach;
  • Explaining a breach to drivers and compliance staff;
  • Sign off for both drivers and management, demonstrating the closing of the corrective action report;
  • Demonstrating Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations.

HVNL Requirements:

“Parties in the supply chain under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) have an obligation to ensure breaches of road transport laws do not occur. Duty holders need to make sure that their action or inaction does not contribute to or encourage breaches of the HVNL. If a party’s actions, inactions or demands cause or contribute to an offence, they can be held legally accountable.”

Put simply: influence = responsibility = legal liability.