How to raise a Non Conformance Report

How to raise a Non-Conformance Report:

When a breach is identified in LogChecker:

  1. If you are in 7 or 14 Day view, change to “Single Day” view;
  2. Scroll down to the “NCR Tab”;
  3. Complete or update your entry in “Short Term Action” and/or “Long Term Action” fields;
  4. Click “Print” to generate a printable edition of the NCR;

The Non-Conformance Report (example above) will show:

  • Driver, Company, Division, Work Diary Book Number, Due Date, NCR Number, Work Diary Page Number and Date of the breach;
  • A replica diary page for the date of the breach;
  • A replica diary page for each day that is a part of the breach: e.g. The previous day only, if the breach is 24 hour Rule or less; or, 7 days for a breach of a 7 day Rule;
  • Total hours worked;
  • Breach information/descriptions;
  • Short Term and Long Term Actions;
  • Manager and Driver signatures;

On completion of corrective action being taken, and, both signatures having been entered on the hard copy of the Corrective Action Report:

  • Retain on file in a suitable location (Driver HR file, compliance records etc); or
  • Scan and attach to the LogChecker Diary page: (see: “Attaching a PDF to a LogChecker Diary Entry”)

In cases where an NCR needs to be raised when no breach is identified (i.e. Diary admin error, Non-Conformance with company Rule etc)

  • Complete the NCR Tab items as listed above and then click on “Add NCR”
  • Alternately a note can be added in the “Notes” Field.