Can a driver amend data on the App?

Yes. LogChecker Live is editable by both the Driver and the User (office). That is, either party may add work or rest.

The live data that you see is a live stream from the drivers device. Initially, the live feed is not confirmed by the driver, i.e. the driver may have made an error (such as fail to record a rest break) and has not confirmed their data (similar to signing their written work diary at the end of a day or shift). The driver is free to make any amendments required before confirming the page at the end of the day or shift. These changes are currently not traceable.
  • Once confirmed the driver is not able to make changes without a request for an amendment;
  • If the driver makes a request for an amendment by altering the times on their device, the office will see the following image on their dashboard;
  • Clicking on this request will show the following screen:
  • Simply add a note in the Admin section to explain the reason for the change and or a record of supporting checks;
  • Clicking on “Approve” or “Deny” will be sufficient to finalise the amendment;
  • Changes will automatically be updated on the driver device;