BFM – 14 Day Rule

In any period of 14 Days (336 Hours) a driver must not work for more than a maximum of 144 hours work time and must have the rest of that period off work with at least a minimum rest break of:

24 continuous hours stationary rest time taken after no more than 84 hours work time AND 24 continuous hours stationary rest time.

2 x night rest breaks 2 AND 2 x night rest breaks taken on consecutive days

BFM 14 Day

Breach 1: Driver has exceeded 144 hours work in a 14 day period

Breach 2. Driver has not taken 4 night rest breaks in the 14 day period

A night rest break is 7 continuous hours of stationary rest time between 10 pm on a day and 8 am the next day (using the the time zone of the driver’s base), or 24 continuous hours stationary rest time. The hours between 10pm and 8am on the daily sheets are shaded to show you which hours are night rest hours.