LogChecker 5 Quick Start Guide

1. Login

Go to www.logchecker.com.au, enter your username and password and click login.


2. Add Your BFM information

If you are BFM accredited, click on the “Settings” button on the main menu. Then Click on “BFM Number”. If your not BFM accredited, skip this step.


Enter your accreditation information. Click “Save” before continuing.

3. Add at least 1 Division

LogChecker requires at least 1 division. Click on the “Division” tab. Then enter a division name and click “Save”.


You may add as many divisions as required. These groupings allow you to separate drivers into Depots, States or Standard & BFM.

These divisions may be used a a filter when running reports.

4. Add Drivers

Click on the Drivers tab to start entering Drivers into LogChecker. Fields marked with a (*) are mandatory and must be completed to save the driver into LogChecker.


As you save each driver, they will appear in the list at the bottom of the screen.

You may add as many drivers as required into the system.

5. Medical & Licence Reminders

Medicals and Licence Expirations will appear on the Dashboard.


Medicals and Licence expirations will turn Yellow when due in 30 days or less and Red when due in 10 days or less.

6. Start entering Pages!

Click on the “Pages” button.

Click on “Select Driver”. When prompted, choose the dvision, then the driver and the date of the Diary page to be entered. Click OK to continue.

Click & Drag work hours.


When you’ve entered all work hours, click save. LogChecker will identify any breaches (or warnings).

If you make a mistake, simply correct it and click save again.