Explanation of Warnings

Q.) What does the blue warning icon mean?
Screenshot 2014-07-11 09.48.12
A.) The warning icon is a feature in LogChecker that indicates when a driver has exceeded 12 hours (Standard) or 14 hours (BFM) in any 24 hour period but has not breached due to the “Counting rules”.
The Counting Rules:
Rules for counting time. The counting rules require that you always:
  • count forward from the end of a rest break, never from within a work or rest period;
  • count all periods of time (work time and rest time) in 15 minute blocks;
  • count time periods of 24 hours or longer forward from the end of a relevant major rest break relevant to the period in your hours option.

The purpose of this feature is to ensure fleet operators are aware of these events from a WHS perspective. i.e. fatigue rules state that: A driver must not work in excess of 12/14 hours in a 24 hour period. It is important to keep in mind the following:

  • the Warning does not indicate a breach under the current National Heavy Vehicle Legislation Fatigue  “Counting rules”;
  • the Warning does not require any action under the fatigue legislation and an operator could click on “No Action Required” in the Non Conformance Report (NCR) field without a negative impact on fatigue compliance.